I Wanted Something More Affordable Than What I Rent Now

I really felt it was the right time to look into a bunch of different cheap apartments in Stockbridge GA because the rent on my place kept going up and up. When I moved in, the price wasn’t too bad. And I thought that the higher price meant that the landlord had it priced that way because it meant he would be more attentive, but that was not the case. I just knew that I could find a place cheaper with a much better landlord.

I am lucky that this town has a mix of prices. I know that some people in other large cities have to deal with higher cost of living, but my town is full of all sorts of different people and companies with a wide variety of prices. This means that I can afford to be choose. I know that friends of mine live in cities where everything from the cost of food, gas and rent is rather high. Here, the gas is lower priced, the grocery stores are rather expensive, and like I said, the apartments are a mix. It would be great if it would be like that for people everywhere.

I got up early on a Sunday morning and walked down to the corner store for a newspaper. I wanted to take a look at the classified ads as early as possible so that I could see what was available rent-wise. I know that some of the best places, especially those that are inexpensive, can be rented out rather quickly. I circled quite a few places that looked interesting and called them. The first order of business was to find out if they allowed pets. I have a tiny Pomeranian, but she needs a friend. I went to four places that stated that

Thinking About Taking a Job on the Lake

I was up on a fishing trip to Lewisville lake the other day and I ended up finding a part time job, but it is not quite so simple. Of course a part time job is just that, it is not going to be a full time income and so you are not going to be able to afford all of the things that you want. For example if you go price shopping apartments for Lewisville TX. You will find that they are going to start out at around eight hundred dollar per month and from there they are going to go a whole lot higher than what I am able to even consider trying to pay. It is just way more than you could ever afford on this sort of job, which is a big shame because this is a job working on the boats of one of the local fishing guides. Continue reading “Thinking About Taking a Job on the Lake”

A Nation Beguiled

For years now the United States has been running on empty. Empty promises of better times ahead. Instead our future is bleak. Our financial system is nothing more than a house of cards. Public education has turned out generations of substandard students. Our inner cities most of whom look like third world countries. What employment opportunities there are don’t even come close to offering living wages. All of these and more are attributed to elected officials caring more about campaign contributions than the people they are supposed to serve. The many consequences of a democratic system that has become so inept and corrupt has now been further exasperated by the media in their complicity to pursue an agenda that is completely against the basic principles on which our nation was founded upon.

Today, we find ourselves in a deep quagmire not only politically, but spiritually, academically, and financially. There are serious issues confronting the United States and the rest of the world. And, with a Presidential election on the horizon we find many Presidential wannabe’s catering to a public who have become so desensitized by the media. A media who continues to philander and sway public opinion toward a pre determined objective by an already established non elected power structure.

It is no wonder then that the Republican party has become a party of demagoguery and exclusion. This is a party who is capitalizing on the publics fears and frustration. The new found popularity of Donald Trump is a prime example. Feeding his growing popularity is the media’s constant exposure to lure as many people as possible to be beguiled into believing that only Trump can ease the fear and frustration of a nation. But, what so many don’t even realize is that this is all a well orchestrated pre planned

The Presumption Of Trump

The presumption of Donald Trump is that he assumes the majority of Americans will back him for President. This presumption by Trump though he really doesn’t realize it is based on three failings of our society. Failings to reverse the trends that have been undermining our nation for decades now. Questions have to be asked as to why our society especially our political process has eroded to a point where many other countries are now beginning to realize just how artificial many of our politicians really are.

The growing appeal of Donald Trump signals the fact what many have noticed for some time. The United States has reached a point that only the implementation of radical reforms will stop the spiral of degeneration within our society. One of the most concerning factors of why this country faces such a quagmire has to do with the economic condition our whole country is in. The financial calamity of 2008 and the subsequent bailouts did nothing to quell the constant financial distress this nation has been in for over 30 years now. When we look at the actual numbers of the underemployed it is a very sad commentary for a nation that is supposed to be the wealthiest. And, we still continue to do a very bad job of taking care of our own citizens. Too many are trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of having to as the saying goes ” rob Peter to pay Paul”. Very few are lucky enough to reach that ladder of upward mobility let alone be able to climb it. The presumption of Trump to think that he alone is capable of understanding the plight of so many while at the same time continues with his bravado stating he will make America great again is another falsehood.


Republicans Campaign Against Their Own Front-Runner

With considerable fanfare, elements of the Republican Party’s old guard have mobilized to stop Donald Trump from, in their view, hijacking the party’s presidential nomination.

After his victories on Super Tuesday, Trump now faces the growing alarm of party establishment, who are deploying a grab-bag of tactics, including a new push for anti-Trump television ads in Florida. There were no shortage of GOP establishment critics when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie chose to endorse Trump. Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott commented that, by March 15, Republicans will know whether it was time to “throw up our hands in despair and panic.” (1)

Some anti-Trump Republican insiders have given up on another candidate defeating him outright in the primaries, instead pinning their hopes on keeping his delegate count low enough to allow for a contested convention. This was the strategy advocated by Mitt Romney, the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, when he recently savaged Trump in a speech in Utah.

All this comes despite the likelihood that it is probably too late to dislodge Trump. Even if it were not, the next most likely nominee is Ted Cruz, a candidate the Republican establishment has been deeply reluctant to embrace.

This raises the question: Why are prominent Republicans attacking the candidate who has, thus far in the primaries, not only taken by far the greatest number of votes, but who has also shown he can attract huge new audiences to the GOP’s televised debates, to the primary voting booths and even to caucuses, which have until now had all the crowd magnetism of a small-town library on an average Thursday afternoon?

There are two plausible reasons, and I suspect both are in play. One is that powerful figures in the GOP see Trump as a threat to their own influence and priorities. He isn’t an evangelical Christian,

Any Notion of Moderation in Iran Is Far From Reality

There are different views over the nuclear pact sealed between Iran and major powers dubbed the P5+1 spearheaded by the United States. All parties, however, do agree the accord is a significant development in comparison to the previous 12-year standoff. Nonetheless, caution is advised in place of naïve excitement. A major question hovers over the actual “landmark” nature of this agreement. Will the international community enjoy escalating peace and security? Will such a “historic” pact actually render moderation in Iran? Or are we merely staring at a mirage?

Measures aimed at establishing freedom and human rights are very much welcomed for Iran. Regrettably, this nuclear agreement will fall short of steering the Middle East to peace. Those yearning for the mullahs in Tehran to evolve by embracing fundamental change will unfortunately be left disappointed. To this end we shouldn’t set our hopes for any major shifts in Iran’s domestic and foreign policies.

Escalating Domestic Turmoil

A stark and significant interest to alter course is something yet to be seen after Tehran signed the nuclear pact back in July 2015. Hardliners are rejoicing the fact that the ultraconservative 12-member Guardian Council disqualified thousands of so-called “moderate” candidates seeking to run in two upcoming elections.

All signs indicate the sole reason Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei succumbed to the nuclear pact was the collapsing circumstances Iran’s economy was facing. Crippling sanctions imposed by the U.S. and EU reminded the regime of the possible re-ignition of sweeping nationwide uprisings seen back in 2009. Khamenei, known to have the last word on all national security and foreign policy matters, went the limits to make it crystal clear that talks and further cooperation with the West had reached their limits. The establishment in Tehran is specifically nervous of any possible talks over other subjects such as Middle East

5 Reasons Why Voters Vote As They Do

Although I have thought about this topic seemingly for ages, perhaps coming on the heels of what we refer to as Super Tuesday, has inspired me to write this article. Those who analyze politics often ponder why so many people seem to vote against their best interests, and although it doesn’t make much sense, it does appear to be the case! Have you ever overheard someone discussing why they support a particular candidate or policy, and thought, to yourself, he doesn’t even have a clue? How people vote is a somewhat complex and/or complicated matter, because so many factors, both real/factual, as well as perceived and conceived, are involved in these decisions! This article will attempt to review and discuss five reasons voters actually end up voting as they do.

1. True, deeply-felt beliefs: This, unfortunately, is the rarest reason! If we each did our homework, and reviewed pros and cons, carefully and comprehensively, our selections would be based on facts and quality decisions. Even if someone is mistaken, I could respect someone who followed this course, and voted their conscience. This mistaken, yet well-intentioned approach, should be respected, and, although often misinformed, is based on one’s beliefs.

2. Hype and rhetoric: Observe a political campaign, and consider the ratio of rhetorical hype and hyperbole, to rational, needs-oriented action plans. Beware of the empty promises made by any candidate in the course of a campaign. At least, be realistic enough to realize, there will be no wall built along the Mexican border, nor will there be a fully implemented program, for supplying either free health care to all, or free college education to everyone. Always ask, how will these ideas be paid for, and how will the costs impact both me, as well as society as a whole.

3. Fear and discouragement:

Time Is Now for a Major Change

How many of you complain about the wasteful spending, the greed, the wasteful patronage of our elected officials and we elect them over and over again. Is this entirely our fault? It is about 90% our fault. We have become far too complacent and would rather watch a football game or decorating a house on television. I could write a book on just the excuses.

Look back at previous years when they say they are going to tax the rich. But then they get an ungodly amount of money to talk to bankers and state they are not their friends. Do you think these bankers paid that amount of money for a speech? Well, no, they want something in return and that will come out of our pockets.

What is the problem? We have become lazy and allow these lying and deceitful politicians to proliferate and to endure. The media also plays a major part by sugar coating the lies and false promises. Some stations broadcast pure brainwashing of misinformation.

I also have been deceived and readily admit it. The power brokers determine the next senators and presidents. This has to stop and the power brokers be made powerless and the people control.


A man is running for president and all factions of government are in fear. Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, progressives, socialists and communists. Other countries are even worried and WHY? For good reason. We could have a stronger more powerful and economically successful country that does not apologize to anyone for anything. Stop our insane giving to the likes of Iran, a sworn enemy. According to Wikipedia we spent over $40 Billion in 2013. Use this money for our people, or only as voted by Congress. Who holds the purse strings?

You know who I am talking about

Together We Can Make a Difference, We Can Save the Planet

One planet, one home, the only chance.

Long ago, the planet was so beautiful, peaceful and majestic. Air was clean, edibles were pure and weather was so mild. People were healthy and strong. They rarely got ill. The facts clearly show that they were very contented and happy too.

Then the human race had started. All the things start vanishing just like the smoke dispersing in air. From a heaven, the planet starts turning to a hell. Pure things become contaminated and this situation keeps on becoming worse and worse. In race of becoming more and more advanced, we forget that the planet which is our only home has no alternate.

We people are well aware of today’s situation. Global warming has become a global warning. Oceans are dying and severe weather conditions are happening frequently. Climate is changing rapidly. Planet is polluting to a great extent affecting living creatures badly. In current situation, an individual couldn’t make a difference. But together we can surely save the planet. We can start taking actions right now, from our homes.

There are a number of ways by which we can control the pollution. The simplest way is conserving water. Water conservation is very important for health of our planet. There are very simple actions by which we can start conserving water right now like turn water off while brushing your teeth and washing clothes and dishes. Use less water for watering your lawn. Fix all the water leaks and replace old toilets with new.

The second most important thing is that we should use less and less chemicals like detergents, soaps, shampoos, pesticides, herbicides and other household cleaning items. After cleaning your homes, cars and bodies with chemicals, these toxic chemicals absorb in soil and end up in water causing water pollution.

One of the most important

How Motorists Can Curb Air Pollution


The number of motor vehicles available on our roads increases daily, and due to this, the environment suffers badly. Motor vehicles are the major reason for this since the fuel that motorists uses is converted into motive power and dangerous poisons such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, nitric oxides, and lead. The worst affected areas are the cities and major roads because of the heavy traffic jams which usually brings all motorists to a standstill. In such situations, the air circulation is really terrible and this affects both the motorists and pedestrians as it creates a large buildup of carbon monoxide in the blood.

Exhaust fumes affect the heart and lungs and a heavy buildup of carbon monoxide hinders oxygen absorption in the bloodstream while hydrocarbon causes certain kinds of cancer. Lead can result in a low concentration on children and reduce intelligence.

The motor industries have begun to help in curbing these problems by designing new engines which reduce the emission of toxic fumes and also installing converters which change fumes into harmless gasses. Lead content has also been reduced in most fuels to reduce the pollution. Here are some tips that motorists can adopt to minimize pollution:

· Unnecessary weight usually adds fuel consumption. If external loads are being transported arrange them well to curb wind resistance. If the roof track is not in use, it should be removed.

· Petrol and oils should be handled with extra caution. Noxious hydrocarbon usually floats in the air after fuelling so, if possible, one should stay as far as possible to avoid breathing them.

· Used car batteries should be replaced often since they hold a large amount of lead which can be poisonous.

· Motorists should never leave engines idling since this produces fumes that are also harmful.

The Main Types Of Waste Sorting Techniques

Effective recycling relies heavily on effective sorting. There are a wide range of sorting techniques on the market and here we review the five most common. But before we look at the different technologies, let us take a look at the different legislation controlling this growing industry. Organisations that are operating in the EU are bound by EU rules and regulations relating to the environment.

Legislation states that 50% of all household waste and 70% of all construction waste must be re-used or recycled by the year 2020. This looked like a huge challenge when first introduced, but as the introduction of new technology has aided this industry, so commentators believe it is achievable.

The industry consensus is that efficient separation of the different elements found in waste is essential for enabling the recovery of useful recyclable materials, This minimizes the amount of waste sent to landfill and allowing recyclable materials to be re used. Companies sort and recycle materials in order to extract value, so the need to make sure sorting processes are as effective and economical as possible is of huge importance.

Waste disposal companies involved with dealing with the sorting of waste materials will commonly use one of these five methods:

• Trommel screens or drum screens: These machines separate materials according to their particulate size. Raw waste material is fed into a large rotating drum which is perforated with holes of a certain size. Materials smaller than the diameter of the holes will be able to fall through, but larger particles will remain in the drum. Changing drum sizes can further separate the waste.

• Induction sorting: material is sent along a conveyor belt with a series of sensors underneath. These sensors locate different types of metal which are then separated by a system of fast air jets which

The 4 Manifold Benefits of a Clean Environment

It is a prerogative for the environmentalists to keep the surroundings as much safe and unpolluted as possible. But the pace at which the atmosphere is getting contaminated, it is serving as the greatest threat to survival condition on this planet. If people are still not aware of the grave consequences that pollution is capable of creating, then soon it will be a time when existence itself will be impossible. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to take actions now rather than wait for the outcome later on.

It is for this reason that proper waste disposal is an imperative. A pollution-free environment apart from augmenting the health benefits also has financial and social advantages. But this is achieved only by everyone’s participation. If every household strives to clean their surroundings then the each and every creature on earth will be benefitted from that.

Below are mentioned some of the advantages that will be derived if you strive to maintain a dirt-free atmosphere.The benefits that are endowed by a clean surrounding can be discussed as below:

Healthy life – The first and foremost benefit of a clean and green milieu is that it enables a healthy life for us. Garbage ensures the development of a number of insects that are responsible for most of the diseases and infection like Malaria, Chicken Pox, and Jaundice, etc. So you assist in augmenting the human life expectancy by clearing the atmosphere.

Preserving for the Future – Waste materials lead to the destruction of quite a few natural reserves as well as monuments and archeological buildings. Moreover, this will contaminate the natural resources like the water, fields and as a result, our future generation will suffer. So by cleaning the environment, you will also ensure a secure future for your successors.

Promotion of tourism– The economic condition of

The Benefits of Recycling Waste Water

As the title suggests this article is all about waste water recycling and its benefits. We all know that its is one of the important sources of energy for living beings on Earth. All living beings on Earth depend on water directly or indirectly for their existence. So, the usage and preservation of it as a main role in the very existence of living beings of Earth.

Usage and preservation of water has to be done very carefully and waste water recycling as an important role to play in it. Before we get into what are the benefits of waste water recycling, let’s first know what is meant by waste water recycling. Waste water recycling is the process of making the waste water useable again by various methods of recycling. Let’s don’t get into the process of it a much, we can just focus on the benefits of it.

Let’s first see in which ways it gets wasted. Loose pipeline connections, excess water used for cleaning purposes, rain water not being harvested properly, no proper maintenance of water bodies so that water get overflowed during rainy season these are the main reasons for wasting of water. This can be avoided by our careful measures.

Now let us see about the benefits of waste water recycling.

· Water recycling will decrease diversion of freshwater from sensitive ecosystems. Plants, wildlife, and fish depend upon adequate water flows to their habitats to live and reproduce. The dearth of adequate flow, as a result of diversion for agricultural, urban, and industrial functions, will cause deterioration of water quality and system health. Water users will supplement their demands by victimization recycled water, which may free considerable amounts of it for the atmosphere and increase flows to very important ecosystems.

· Recycled water may be used to produce or enhance wetlands

Why God Despises Money

The adage that money is the root of all evil is because it drives the Spirit away. When one is concerned only with how much they have or how they can make more of it then the mind fluctuates and is not focused on the power than makes all things happen. Money is man-made and an invention to generate power and control and governments use it for that purpose. The more one has then the more someone will try to take it away from you and crime prevails accordingly.

The majority of crime deals with money issues or the jealousy associated with it. Drive by shootings, murder in the street, drugs, smuggling, or terrorism are driven by jealousy and lust mostly but religion may also come into it. The power in the latter is of such force that no one can safely deride another’s gods or religious practices with facing the consequences.

But doe the real God care about money and the politics that go with it? Animals and birds have no need of it and they are fed, housed, generally very healthy, and their lives are usually full of joy and happiness. This one can tell by their sounds. The whale song, for instance, seems to echo with pleasure while the whistling birds are wonderful additions to the environment.

An empty environment, however, is sad and deployed of life. That is what is happening to the world as man pursues money and destroys the planet as he goes. Forests are fast disappearing and habits on which creatures depend. The only place man can make money is from what the earth gives him. The minerals are dug up, gas is extracted, rivers polluted, and oceans declining all because of money.

What took millions of years of evolution is being destroyed in some 200

The Profit Making War Machine

The Western Powers are now engaged in perpetual war. Few Britons or Americans have known a month when their country was not directly or indirectly involved in conflict.

Rudyard Kipling, Britain’s greatest poet, who lost his only son in World War One, was scathing: ‘If any question why we died, Tell them, because our fathers lied.”

Disregard Orwellian mantras such as ‘The War on Terror’ and similar smokescreens. Conflict is fuelled, not by idealism, but by pursuit of market share, territory and raw material. Global war is the most profitable venture of all man’s pursuits. Western economies are largely based upon arms related investment, raw material acquisition and profits.

Britain’s history of piracy and pillage is abysmal. Of the world’s 200 plus nations, Britain has invaded all but 22 of them. There is not enough room to list the number of conflicts Britain has been involved in since 1945.

The piratical record of the United States is equally grim. Since 1776, a period spanning 224 years, the U.S. has been at peace for only 21 years.

Henry Labouchere, Liberal MP and journalist: “We are without exception the greatest robbers and marauders that ever existed on the face of the globe. We are worse than other countries because we are hypocrites also, for we plunder and always pretend to do so for other peoples’ good.”

The United States has over 1,000 bases spread over 153 countries. They are not there to defend our freedoms.

It is said that war and arms manufacture is not only America’s biggest industry, the entire U.S. economy is based on it. The U.S. spends more on arms than China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, Japan and Germany combined.

Most of us prefer the comfort of our illusions to the truth, which is, one supposes, understandable. The fact remains that we no longer

Korean War: Victory or Defeat?

On paper and in history, the Korean War was seen as neither a victory or a defeat. A cease fire and peace treaty was written between them instead. The battles went on for 3 long years. On July 27, 1953 the two sides signed an armistice and a new border was established on a few miles from the original 1950 border. In my opinion the Korean conflict/war was a success in ways other than the original goals set by the United States.

The war ended in a draw. Both sides agreed to a cease fire and signed an armistice. The Korean War did not end in a total victory for the United States or anyone else. Instead, both sides settled for an uneasy peace that still exists to this day at the time of the writing of this article 12-24-15.

Did the United States experience their first defeat? The answer to that question may be more in the minds of people who study what actually happened and what is happening today. The way I see it, the end result has been a victory when you compare what is happening today in South Korea to what was happening before the attack, before one of the bloodiest wars our world ever saw, and in comparison to North Korea today.

Why did the United States enter this war? Many people felt and might even still feel today that the United States did not belong there. I have heard this myself even in this year of 2015. People grumble saying, “we did not belong in Korea.”

I strongly disagree. My own father was one who fought in Korea from 1950 to 1953. He was just a young boy age 16 entering the military at Fort Knox, Kentucky Army base for a military career. He got sent directly